SEO for beginners

Welcome to You can learn how to place your website higher in Google and other search engines. Follow our 10 steps to Optimize your website for search engines.

Read this before optimizing your website!

Before you start with SEO you should consider this: the most important thing if you want to attract visitors to your website is the content of your site…
  • If you write stuff people want to read,
  • show interesting photographs,
  • sell good or extra cheap merchandise,
  • offer something unique,
  • have a great web-shop (or similar things)

people want to visit your website. It’s a really good thing if you have unique content. Do not try to copy other sites and expect to place yourself higher in the search engines. It’s not in any way impossible but it can be a lot harder and I would say you have a tougher starting-point… With this said we can skip to the question of how to rank high in search engines?

I would like to teach you how to seo. I also show you how to easily perform these things yourself so your website can rank high in Google or any other search-engine. It’s a simple and quick beginners guide to search engine optimization.

Follow theese 10 steps.

Are you a SEO-beginner? Don’t worry, just follow 10 simple steps to attract more visitors and improve your page ranking in search engines. You don’t have to do them all, just get started!

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